Customer Testimonials

I’m a professional web designer with clients in 9 states across the U.S., and others in Canada, Scotland, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa and Australia. The reason I’ve been hosting the majority of my sites with for the last 12 years is that they are simply the best, friendliest and most service-oriented hosting company I’ve ever run across. They are consistently knowledgeable and helpful, whatever the situation, and also handle a large part of my back-end custom programming needs. I’ve never had a site go down (I have about 50 sites currently hosted with Pixelgate) due to their multiply-redundant backup servers. They have a 24-hour emergency help line manned by a real person, should the need ever arise. All this adds up to peace of mind and service that I’ve been able to count on absolutely since 1995. They make me look good to my clients by providing excellent tech support and zero problems. Thanks guys!

Len Williams
Design Strategies, Inc.

I’ve used other providers in the past and experienced slow networks, and non-responsive customer service. After I moved my websites over to Pixelgate, not only are those issues non-existant, but when I call them, I talk to a person who helps! Thank you Pixelgate.

– Blue Pineapple, Inc.

Pixelgate and customer service are one in the same. When I have contacted them with a question they always responds so promptly! They take the time to be very clear with their explanations because they want to make sure I understand what they are trying to convey. They are always interested in upgrading their service especially to benefit all of their clients.

Ellen Kelley

I always get fast friendly service from Pixelgate. Even when the Tech Reps are working a problem, they keep in good communication and are always willing to listen to my concerns. Tech Support calls are handled quickly and any problems encountered are dealt with promptly.

Thank you Pixelgate for being such a great Service Provider!

Paul Martinez
Computer Czar
Peter Gillham’s Natural Vitality