Email Only Hosting Plans

Do you only need Email hosting because your website is hosted elsewhere or you just want to stick to Social Media?

Are you paying $7-$20 per Mailbox per Month for Big Company Email Hosting and all you really need is traditional IMAP Email with Folders at less than $1 per Mailbox?

Do you just need Simple WebSpace to park a static site?

We can provide a Control Panel environment with WebMail and suppport for IMAP/POP3 clients such as Outlook, Iphone/Android phones, etc. on our Shared WebHosting environment at 60 cents to less than a dollar per mailbox.

Free FTP and WebSpace! You also get some space for simple static web sites so your domain can at least be found on the Major Search Engines. You can also use your space for other purposes such as home backups.

You simply set your DNS MX record to our email server and leave the other DNS settings as is. Works great with website service platforms such as WIX,Shopify, etc that don’t offer email or charge much more.

This is the same email service and support we offer with our standard web hosting packages, in fact you can still host static web content (i.e. html/css/js) you just don’t get php/perl/python and database services.

If your needs are greater than what is offered here, we recommend that you consider a dedicated Virtual Server for where your business is the only tenant. That way all the server settings and DNS records directly match your domain, which can increase your deliverability. Pricing starts at $25/month. Details can be found here at Dedicated Virtual Email Servers

Monthly Cost
No Contract!
Pre-Pay for the entire year for increased savings!$59.50/yr
$85.00/yr ($7.08/mo)$129.50/yr ($10.79/mo)$249.50/yr ($20.79/mo)
Set Up Fee (waived with referral or transfer)$0$0$0$0
Email Boxes w/ Unlimited Aliases5 (~$0.99/mo/box)10 (~$0.71/mo/box)20
Webmail Client Support
IMAP and POP3 client supportOnline and Email Support only
Individual Mailbox Max Size15 GB30 GB45 GB60 GB
Total Disk Space75 GB 250 GB500 GB1000 GB
Free SSL Cert installed
Free Mailbox Migration Tool and Assistance
Monthly Data Transfer100 GB375 GB750 GB2.0 TB
DNS Management available
Plesk Onyx Control PanelIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Unlimited Domain Aliases
Additional Domains or Sub-domains (*.domain.tld)51015
Webspace areas for Unique Domains 151015
MailSift Spam ProtectionFree!Free!Free!Free!
Offsite SMTP Forwarding

Note 1: The Primary Hosting Domain Name managed by PixelGate (via OpenSRS) will be automatically renewed free of charge to the customer as long as the account is in good standing. This would require an existing domain to be transferred to OpenSRS to get the free renewals or we buy it for you if it is brand new.
Note 2: You can control your own DNS changes within your Panel or you can simply contact us and we handle your zone file requests.
Note 3: Free Cert Offer uses LetsEncrypt DV cert. If you require a commercial cert (DV or EV) there may be a cost for the purchase and installation. The Apex (@) record of the domain must be pointed to our server or Plesk won’t install the LetsEncrypt Cert.
Note 4: Additional Domains (full,sub or alias) are included in the resource limits for that package. Subdomains are counted seperately than full domains. Databases can be shared among subdomains.
Note 5: Your Email Storage is included in the Disk Space usage.
Note 6: Client IMAP/POP is available and enabled on all plans, but only supported via telephone/chat on Standard and above.
Note 7: Email that is received here and then forwarded back out of any PixelGate Facility MUST be filtered either by Mailsift or a third party service such as FuseMail. This is to keep the shared server from being blocked by 3rd parties when a forwarding instruction causes Spam/Virii to appear to come from our servers. Forwarding within Pixelgate, such as domain to domain or even server to server are exempted (th