Managed Cloud Servers

CloudVMs, also known as Virtual Machines (VM) at some hosts, are isolated Linux (Unix) operating system instances run within a larger cloud environment.

Cloud VM instances run on the PixelGate Cloud Infrastructure, allowing us to dynamically allocate your resources, clone or terminate your instance as you need.

Each CloudVM gets a guaranteed amount of disk space, CPU power, bandwidth, and memory. All with one flat fee. As a result, a website hosted on a Cloud VM runs in its own isolated environment and will not be affected by other VM’s thus eliminating the risk of downtime, hacks or decreased performance due to other customers mistakes.

Each Cloud VM administrator gets full root access, allowing server customization just like a traditional dedicated server. Cloud VM instances can be used for any purpose such as hosting multiple websites, custom applications, email or even a failover backup server.

The PixelGate Cloud infrastructure also provides a high level of scalability. CloudVMs can easily be upgraded, cloned, migrated or added to a loadbalancer structure allowing you to grow and eliminating downtime due to node failure or maintenance.

Cloud VMs have persistant storage using disk images and permanent IP addresses. Snapshot backups may be created that allow you to bring up previous versions of the instance to recover missing files or older versions of your site.

The Pixelgate Cloud infrastructure allows you to save additional money by choosing to pay for only the additional resources you need… when you need it. Start off small and add resources as you grow. When you outgrow your VM, you clone it into additional VMs and even dedicated servers as part of an enterprise quality network cluster. If you need to cut back during the off season, that is easily done as well by reducing vCPU usage and dedicated memory.

Monthly Flat Fee with No Contract
or pay a year in advance and save 2 months
Set Up Fee$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Dedicated RAM for your instance2.0 GB3.5 GB5.0 GB8.0 GB12.0 GB
vCPU (Cores)12346
vDisk Image on SSD storage20 GB40 GB65 GB100 GB150 GB
Monthly Data Transfer250 GB500 GB1.0 TB3.0 TB5.0 TB
Choice of Control Panel
Unique dedicated IPv4 IP
Need WordPress? We have preloaded instances available with WordPress, Varnish and LetsEncrypt SSL built in or use Cyberpanel/LiteSpeed
GeoCDN Service (CDN traffic is part of the Data Transfer Usage)

All CloudVMs come with:

Additional Options:

Managed Monitor, Response, Updates, Backup (MRUB) – $79/mo
PixelGate will monitor with a remote agent to verify system functionality of the application environment and either attempt to resolve any issues or contact and work with you to resolve them. Pixelgate will also ensure that OS updates are applied in a timely fashion and verify functionality. MRUB users are also entitled to support with PCI issues. MRUB includes free 3 day archive backups (or credit if you want more archive days). MRUB does NOT include support for your applications such as WordPress or custom php functionality. Only the server components.

Nightly Archived Backup Snapshots – $0.05/GB for 3,7,15 or 30 day retention
Full copies of the instance which can be restored from a particular date. Cost is per 0.05/GB of the combined Instance’s disk image size. So a Standard Instance with 32GB $4.80/mo for a 3 day retention. A Large Image with 100GB would be $5 per archive day.

Plesk Panel – $12/month for 10 domains $18 for 30 domains

Additional Mounted vDisk Space – $2/mo per 10GB increment
An expansion of the base hard drive image or an additional hard drive image mounted on the instances operating system. It will then be included in all snapshots, migrations etc. Can be added at any time, but requires a reboot. Max Size per disk image is 150GB. No more than two additional mounted disk images may be added to the instance. If an existing images is going to be resized up, but there will be some scheduled downtime for the grow operation. Adding vDisk space may increase the cost of the Archive Backups.

Additional RAM for your CloudServer – $5/mo per GB
Additional RAM (Memory). Requires reboot to add. Great option if you need more headroom for your application but you don’t need to increase the size of your VM package.

Additional vCPU Core – $10/mo
Additional vCPU cores to help with computing power. Requires reboot to add. It is not recommended to go above 4 cores total as dedicated HW is probably more cost effective at that point.

Firewalls, FrontEnd Web Acceleration and Security Proxies such as CloudFlare,PfSense, Varnish and Sucuri – varies from free to $20/mo
We can help you take advantage of front end services to speed up your site response as well as protect it from common attacks