Dedicated Virtual Email Servers

Use our CloudVMs for your IMAP/SMTP email. These are fully configured with your own IP, reverse DNS and tools for maximum deliverability. They include standard components such as Postfix and Dovecot along with an easy to use Control Panel so you can add/edit/configure addresses.

Because only your email is sent from your machine, you don’t have to worry about a hosting neighbor spamming or getting hacked. You control your own reputation including DMARC/DKIM and SPF.

There are no limits to how many email addresses or domains you can use. You also don’t have any individual mailbox limits, nor are there any RATE LIMITS when you send out emails. You can send out your newsletter using self-hosted contact management software and save thousands of dollars that otherwise would be spent on Constant Contact, MailChimp et al.

You are only limited by the resources you consume. If one user needs 100GB of disk space for just their email and your system has that storage available that is fine. If you need to expand storage due to increased needs, that is easily accomplished with a simple reboot of the server.

 PixelGate VM PackageDevVM
Monthly Flat Fee with No Contract
or pay a year in advance and get 2 months free
Set Up Fee$0.00$0.00$0.00
Dedicated RAM for your instance2.0 GB3.5 GB5.0 GB
vCPU (Cores)123
Initial vDisk Base Image on SSD storage (Note OS/Panel is going to use 5-10 GB of your initial storage). You can then add additional storage for your Mailboxes on an as needed basis.20 GB40 GB65 GB
Initial Available Email Storage with base image12 GB30GB55GB
Monthly Data Transfer250 GB500 GB1.0 TB
Choice of Control Panel and Free Mailbox Migration Tool
Unique dedicated IPv4 IP with proper reverse PTR
Cost for additional mounted Mailbox storage sold in 10GB chunks10c/GB10c/GB10c/GB
DKIM/DMARC/SPF for your domains
Ability to journal all email (in/out) to archive email folder(s) or a third party auditing service.
OffServer backup at Pixelgate. Allows for quick recovery.5c/GB5c/GB5c/GB
OffSite Backup using storage such as DropBox, S3 etc that you control.variesvariesvaries

Server Sizing

From our experience, the average IMAP mailbox size for a domain is approximately 2GB, with most of the users well below that and a few heavy users who will need 10x or 20x that amount (20-40GB or more).

Because each company’s email usage scenario is different, we put together this chart to give you a feel for what your costs may be. Remember that the top row is an AVERAGE. An individual email mailbox is only limited by the TOTAL disk space available and can be easily upgraded.

Typical Usage Scenarios and Cost.

10 Mailboxes10G needed

30G needed
20G storage

50G needed
40G storage

100G needed
MicroVM +
100G storage

250G needed
MicroVM + 240G storage

20 Mailboxes. 20G needed
10G storage

60G needed
MicroVM + 60G Storage

100G needed
StandardVM +
70G storage

200GB needed
StandardVM + 180G storage

500GB needed
StandardVM +
480G storage

30 Mailboxes30G

90G needed
60G storage

150G needed
120G storage

300G needed
StandardVM +
270 Storage


750G needed
700G Storage


50 Mailboxes50G needed
20G storage

150G needed
120G storage

250G needed
220G storage

500G needed
MediumVM+ 450G storage

1250G needed
MediumVM +
1200G storage

100 Mailboxes100G needed
90G storage

300 GB needed
270G storage

500GB need
450G storage

1.0 TB needed
950G storage

Not recommended as a VM. See Hardware Servers
250 Mailboxes250G needed
240G storage
750G needed
700G storage

1250G needed
1200G storage

Not recommended as a VM. See
Hardware Servers
Not recommended as a VM See Hardware Servers.

All Email CloudVMs come with:

  • Ubuntu 20LTS/22LTS Operating Systems
  • Root/Admin access via SSH and Panel (if installed)
  • Control Panel choices include free PixelGate WebPanel or Plesk (additional cost)
  • No limits on how your resources are used assuming proper internet etiquette (no spam, warez, etc). Want to run a company mailing list or upload your home media files?. As long as you have the space and data transfer, that is fine. We can even recommend tools to help with that such as OwnCloud and DadaMail
  • Courtesy Monitoring to verify instance is up and running
  • Courtesy Backups for Disaster Recovery (weekly)
  • Courtesy Operating System updates performed (typically monthly)
  • Ability to request one or more Full Clone Snapshot(s) for rapidly scaling up behind a loadbalancer or if you need an archive instance at a point in time

Additional Options:

Plesk Panel – $12/month for 10 domains or $18 for 30 domains. Designed for Web Hosting, the advanced Plesk panel offers some additional features including enhanced management and reporting features, migration tools, per user rate limits, and additional built-in spam/virus to complement other antispam services. Some may consider Plesk useful if you have LOTS of email addresses and multiple domains to keep track of. Our shared hosting email runs on Plesk for those reasons. However it is probably not needed for just one or two domains worth of users, unless your MailAdmin is really comfortable with it already.

Nightly or Weekly Archived Backup Snapshots – $0.05/GB for 3,7,15 or 30 day retention
Full copies of the Virtual Server instance which can be restored from a particular date. This is a fully functioning copy of the machine for that time. Cost is per 0.05/GB of the combined Instance’s vDisk image size. So a Standard Instance with 40GB vDisk image is $4.80/mo for a retention of 3 days or once a week for 3 weeks. A Large Image with 100GB would be $5 per archive. Weekly backups combined with offsite File based daily incremental archives are highly cost effective in restoring from an incident.

Additional RAM for your CloudServer – $5/mo per GB
Additional RAM (Memory). Requires reboot to add. Great option if you need more headroom for your application but you don’t need to increase the size of your VM package.

Additional vCPU Core – $10/mo
Additional vCPU cores to help with computing power. Requires reboot to add. It is not recommended to go above 5 cores total as dedicated HW is probably more cost effective at that point.

Managed Monitor, Response, Updates, Backup (MRUB) – $79/mo
PixelGate will monitor with a remote agent to verify system functionality of the application environment and either attempt to resolve any issues or contact and work with you to resolve them. Pixelgate will also ensure that OS updates are applied in a timely fashion and verify functionality. MRUB users are also entitled to support with PCI issues. MRUB includes free 3 day archive backups (or credit if you want more archive days). MRUB does NOT include support for your applications such as WordPress or custom php functionality. Only the server components.

Note: MRUB for a dedicated Email Server is probably not necessary unless you have a really large environment or want to create a cluster type environment.