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Fire Zone Evacuation - All Clear

Update Monday morning, we are operating normally. The fires are well past us. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Update Sun-10pm: 101 has been opened.

Update Sun-8pm: Evacuation Zone order has been lifted for the area around the PixelGate facility. 101 is still closed, but the 23/118 route is open.

Update Sat-7pm: Spectrum is back up. Not sure if they spliced the burnt fiber or rerouted. Either way, packets are moving again on that circuit.

Update Sat-9am: Spectrum still down, confirmed there is fiber trunk lost to fire. No ETA on repair. Sky is actually clear but they haven't lifted the EVAC warning yet.

Update Fri-10pm: the bulk of the fire is now past us as it pushes to the ocean, though there are hot spots due to ember showers that are causing problems in the residential areas.

Update Fri-5pm: We have lost one of our peers (Spectrum/TWC) in a region wide outage. We had some downtime for SOME customers who came in that way as the routes were forced to work around the block.

Update Fri-8am: we are in the Woolsey/Hill Fire Evacuation Zone. We are short staffed due to employees unable to come in due to blocked roads. However, we do have a skeleton crew and are fully online.

At this time, things look ok as the two prongs of the fire are to the east and west of us, but a wind shift could change everything.

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