Email/Static Web Hosting Plans

Do you only need Email hosting because your website is hosted elsewhere or do you just need a simple static website for HTML/CSS/Javascript?

We can provide a Control Panel environment with WebMail and suppport for IMAP/POP3 clients such as Outlook, Iphone/Android phones, etc.

You simply set your DNS MX record to our email server and leave the other DNS settings as is. Works great with website service platforms such as WIX,Shopify, etc that don’t offer email or charge much more.

This is the same email service and support we offer with our standard web hosting packages, in fact you can still host static web content (i.e. html/css/js) you just don’t get php/perl/python and database services.

If your needs are greater than what is offered here, we recommend that consider a dedicated Virtual Server for Email where your business is the only tenant and all the server settings and DNS records directly match your domain, which can increase your deliverability. Pricing starts at $25/month. Please contact us for details.

Monthly Cost
No Contract!
Pre-Pay for the entire year for increased savings!$59.50/yr
$85.00/yr ($7.08/mo)$129.50/yr ($10.79/mo)$219.50/yr ($18.29/mo)
Set Up Fee (waived with referral or transfer)$0$0$0$0
Email Boxes w/ Unlimited Aliases5 (~$0.99/mo/box)10 (~$0.71/mo/box)15
Webmail Client Support
IMAP and POP3 client supportOnline and Email Support only
Mailbox Max Size15 GB30 GB45 GB60 GB
Total Disk Space100 GB 375 GB750 GB2.0 TB
Free SSL Cert installed
Monthly Data Transfer100 GB375 GB750 GB2.0 TB
DNS Management available
Plesk Onyx Control PanelIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Unlimited Domain Aliases
Additional Sub-domains for your domains (*.domain.tld)51015
Webspaceareas for Unique Domains 151015
MailSift Spam ProtectionFree!Free!Free!Free!
Offsite SMTP Forwarding